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Telefonica leading IoT evolution by providing 4G-LTE connections in Smart m2m Solution

  • Telefonica launches 4G-LTE IoT connectivity global service, served with its global SIM and Smart m2m solution.
  • This technology will address new demands of Internet of things customers in both high data usage and low energy/data segments.

Madrid, 28 December 2015 – Telefonica IoT business unit has recently incorporated 4G-LTE global SIM connections in its Smart m2m Solution, a best-in-class web-based platform for the connectivity, management and control of IoT communications developed by Telefonica which counts with over 1,000 worldwide customers.

IoT customers and solutions are starting to demand LTE based IoT managed connectivity solutions for two opposite uses cases: a) high bandwidth (e.g. infotainment in cars) and b) low-power low-data usage machine to machine communications.

LTE technology was originally designed for high data-rate broadband services, where we can find applications in the IoT arena, like in car infotainment services.

However standards are being adapted for LTE to be the reference also for low end uses cases, which will support existing low-data low-power applications in the IoT arena, and enable new use cases to come. In this sense 3GPP has defined LTE-M for machine type communication, including reduced bandwidth, lower maximum transmit power and reduced support for downlink transmission. This allows significant cost reductions to enable ARPU competitive solutions.

Telefonica is leading this IoT evolution providing this access technology in its in house developed managed connectivity solution.

Telefonica's ability to provide first class IoT services means customers have the future proof connectivity, management and control of world-leading, reliable and secure IoT communications between machines. Smart m2m Solution offers global service adapted to local needs.

Vicente Muñoz, Telefonica's IoT business unit CEO, “Telefonica is at the forefront of the digital revolution ensuring their customers have cutting-edge solutions and management and control of world-leading, reliable and secure IoT communications between machines. 4G-LTE connections will combine perfectly with our leading Smart m2m Solution already commercially available for Telefonica globally.”

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For full details and contact information, please download press release as a PDF.