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Telefonica Business Solutions automates its global IP infrastructure

The Company will enhance its Network Automation process, leveraging on Cisco NSO product, enabled by Tail-f, to simplify network operations, accelerate service delivery and enhance overall reliability.

Madrid, California, July 5th 2016- Telefonica Business Solutions, a leading provider of a wide range of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, has selected Cisco’s NSO (Network Services Orchestrator), enabled by Tail-f, for automating and configuring its IP infrastructure and business customer premises equipment. The industry-leading Cisco NSO will significantly enhance the automation, agility and reliability of Telefonica’s network, while accelerating new service delivery from months to minutes with automated, on-demand service provisioning. Furthermore, it will allow to put in place new B2B services with a faster time to market, increasing efficiency and service quality for its global customers.

With a network serving more than 320 million customers with service reach in 130 countries, including consumers, SMEs and several of the world’s top enterprises and wholesale carriers, Telefonica is making a strategic decision to digitize its network operations by transitioning from manual, workflow-based provisioning to YANG-based DevOps (Development & Operations) service modeling. Now Telefonica can simply change and reconfigure models without time-consuming and error-prone manual updates and re-provision network services to deliver new value to their customers.

Surging network traffic volumes and sprawling infrastructures have made managing service provider networks more expensive and complex, while increased competition is driving leading service providers like Telefonica to introduce new services at a rapid rate. Cisco NSO can simplify their network operations by automating the end-to-end service lifecycle and reducing manual configuration steps by up to 90 percent.

The Cisco NSO provides a highly efficient abstraction layer between network services and the underlying infrastructure components. Use it to automate any service or device - even in complex, heterogeneous operator environments. Used at scale by major Tier-1 operators around the globe, Cisco NSO provides the speed, simplicity, and automation you need to deliver more differentiated and competitive services at the speed of software.

Pedro López, Telefonica Business Solutions’ B2B Customer Operations Director: “Telefonica is always seeking to serve more efficiently its worldwide customers. With Cisco NSO we get the agility to design, refine and repackage network devices and services at the speed of software through standards-based modeling and end-to-end zero-touch automation, responding dynamically to our customer demands and dramatically cutting service delivery cost and time.”

Scot Gardner, vice-president, Service Provider EMEAR at Cisco: “We are very pleased Telefonica selected Cisco as its primary partner to digitize its network operations, which will have a profound and positive impact on its customer base of more than 300 million businesses. Telefonica’s visionary decision to embrace YANG-based, DevOps service modeling will allow it to greatly simplify network operations, while building the foundation to deliver exciting new revenue-generating experiences to its customers.”