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Sunrise Communications AG and Telefónica extend their broad partnership agreement

  • Sunrise Communications AG joined the Telefónica Partners Program, launched by Telefónica, in 2011 already. The Program allows Sunrise to leverage on Telefónica’s scale and to cooperate on key business topics. The agreement was now extended until further notice.

Madrid/Zurich- 25th January 2016.- The renewed agreement allows the cooperation under the framework of Telefónica Partners Program for the exchange of know-how and enables the possibility of conducting procurement of services, network equipment, IT and devices through TGS, Telefónica’s global procurement services unit. Furthermore, both companies Telefonica and Sunrise will explore collaboration opportunities in other areas such as Telefónica’s innovative products and services to capture growth opportunities of the digital world. As a member of the Partners Program Sunrise will also be able to provision services to multinational companies, leveraging the full global strength of Telefónica.

Under the agreement, the two companies may also engage in other business areas, such as alignment in key technology projects in network and IT, new initiatives (such as eSIM or Big Data projects), and collaborate on commercial and marketing strategies. The companies will collaborate and exchange information bilaterally on these and other selected areas.

Coming to the extended agreement, Elmar Grasser, Chief Operating Officer of Sunrise, comments: “The extension of the agreement is prove of the past success. By accessing Telefónica’s capabilities and scale, Sunrise continues to increase its competitiveness and reinforce its ability to accelerate growth in its market.”

In the same way, Mario Martin, Group Head of Industrial Partnerships explains: “We are delighted with the successful evolution of our agreement and fully committed with Sunrise to continue working together in order to take advantage of our strategic alignment and keep creating value”.

For full details and contact information, please download press release as a PDF.