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Phil Jordan, Telefonica Global CIO, has been named European CIO of the Year 2016 by CIONET

Phil Jordan, Telefonica Global CIO, has been recognised with the award for European CIO of the Year 2016 by CIONET International, the largest community of IT executives worldwide. With a membership of over 5500 CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors across Europe and South America, CIONET has the expertise and pioneering vision to solve or address any IT management challenge.

Phil has been awarded for raising awareness within the industry of the increasingly strategic and diverse roles of the CIO (and consequently, of IT professionals) as well as for the work he has done utilising IT in more effective and innovative ways.

Today, the most successful organisations rely on Information and Communication Technologies (IT) to accomplish a variety of strategic benefits and as a result, the strategic roles of IT professionals have expanded and diversified. This change is most evident with CIOs. The European CIO of the Year is the first set of awards that recognises different types of CIOs based on the business value they bring to their organizations.

In this case, the value is the definition of a Global IT Strategy to face the new requirements and services the business is demanding and become a Digital Telco. IT is emerging as a differential function that will be customer- and data-centric and as a result its role in the company is changing, becoming a key enabler of digital transformation.

Under Phil's leadership, Telefonica is executing a consistent strategy across its entire footprint, delivering bold business transformation enabled by processes and applications in 15 different countries in parallel.

Phil Jordan is one of the three winners of the 2016 categories - Large Enterprise, Public Sector, Small & Medium sized companies.