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Be a game-changer and outperform your peers

Businesses that rely on cloud-based technology to drive growth 64%
CEOs that say digital transformation has increased profits** +56%
Total sales influenced by digital by 2020 47%

We actively engage with the business community and are constantly listening to ensure that the services we create and deliver enable businesses of any size, to leverage technology solutions and help them be more competitive and efficient every day.

If you have several businesses or offices, a franchise network or a fleet of vehicles, we can provide innovative solutions to enable you to transform your business.

Manage energy efficiently across your business estate, by remotely monitoring the consumption of electricity and heating etc. Take control and monitor in real time the location and key data of trucks and delivery vans, including fuel consumption and mileage. Improve customer experience through the provision of complimentary WiFi or play customised and advert-free ambient music across your business premises. Every digital moment designed with your business in mind.

We help thousands of businesses every day

Transform your company

  • Link your decision-making processes to data
  • Support transformation initiatives with new technologies 
  • Democratize data access

Differentiate your offering

  • Know better your customers behaviour and preferences
  • Enhance situational awareness: real time decision making

Be a game-changer

  • Take advantage of Telefonica´s business & technology ecosystem
  • Co-create with Telefonica

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