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Ensures maximum benefit and functionality

Preconfigured packages for your Virtual Data Center

You can consume optimized plans in terms of price that have been defined to cover the most common needs:

VDC-2: 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB disk VDC-25: 25 vCPUs, 50 GB RAM, 1250 GB disk
VDC-5: 5 vCPUs, 10 GB RAM, 500 GB disk VDC-50: 50 vCPUs, 100 GB RAM, 2500 GB disk
VDC-10: 10 vCPUs, 20 GB RAM, 750 GB disk VDC-100: 100 vCPUs, 300 GB RAM, 5000 GB disk

Fixed monthly fee to control expenses, without surprises, including internet connectivity.

Dynamically update to another usage package if you consume all the resources included in your contracted service.

A Business that’s always on the go

Forget the complexity of a traditional Data Centre. By adopting a Virtual Data Centre (VDC), you can grow, innovate and optimise your business by creating the infrastructure that you need, when you need it. This approach removes risk, by delivering the same network capabilities (VLAN, multi-layered architecture) and topologies, security and reliability - but with the added advantages of virtualization, automation, and cloud computing technologies.

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