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Telefónica provides Akyumen Technologies with CDN services

  • The deal includes the implementation of Akamai’s Media Delivery Services as well as NetStorage (geographic replicated storage).

California / Madrid, 3 of April, 2017 – Telefónica Business Solutions, leading provider of a wide range of integral communication solutions for the B2B market, has closed a deal with Akyumen Technologies, provider of mobile and communications devices used for entertainment and business segments, to start offering them Akamai’s Transcoding and global Media Delivery Services as well as NetStorage (geographic replicated storage).

The contract allows the release of the content platform AkyumenTV and other software apps through Telefónica Business Solutions on Akamai’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure. Since 2014, Telefónica and Akamai, the world’s leading provider of CDN services, have a global collaboration agreement through which they share resources across technical support, customer care, marketing and professional services. This global agreement allows each Telefonica´s operating business to recognize value at a local level.

Telefónica is already providing Akyumen Technologies with its renowned IoT services, as well as smart m2m connectivity solutions, thanks to a global multi-year agreement closed in 2016.

According to Ángel Barrio, CEO of Telefónica North America, “digital transformation is a very powerful tool for change and a great source of opportunity. People are getting more and more connected with an incredible amount of knowledge in their pockets in the form of a smartphone. This is not only changing the way companies do business but also the very fabric of society, empowering many people all around the world with the tools to build a better future. This is what we believe in, and the partnership of Telefónica Business Solutions with Akyumen is already delivering results in this arena with innovative services like AkyumenTV.”

"We are excited to launch AkyumenTV Content Platform and software applications on Akamai CDN infrastructure managed by Telefónica Business Solutions in the near future. We believe that this strategic partnership will make Akyumen devices a powerful tool for mobile entertainment where global content distributors can deliver content straight to the users Akyumen handsets", said Aasim Saied, Chairman & CEO of Akyumen Technologies.

The use of advanced materials and Nano-technology architecture in Akyumen devices, bundled with accessories and application suite including AkyumenTV will make Akyumen devices the most value added mobile devices compared to any other product in the smartphone and tablet market. Akyumen will be advancing the sale of their devices globally through Telefónica and their carrier partners.