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Telefónica Digital  is an organization in the Chief Commercial and Digital Office (CCDO) of Telefónica. It helps the local Operating Businesses (OBs) to develop the digital businesses in its markets

Cost Optimization 70%
Reduced production time 7 to 1

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  • Telefonica goal was to integrate the pay-as-you-go billing of the Public Cloud services that they were commercializing with the billing systems of their operators.
  • To achieve that they developed a new process to be executed once a month


  • They adapted their code so that it could run on the serverless service of Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda with the aim of improve efficiency and reduce costs near 70%.
  • AWS CloudWatch Events and API Gateway are used to call Lambda functions
  • Telefónica offers the data generated to its customers using QuickSight for data visualization and S3 to store the data


  • The code is executed only for a few seconds each month in the billing processes of each OB and so they achieve a cost saving of 70%.
    • Updating the new versions of code through the different environments in seconds.
    • Reducing the time our Operations team expend managing the environment, as it does not have to do demand planning, maintain operating systems, etc.

Finding new ways to get maximum value from AWS

There will be cases in which using virtual machines may be the most appropriate option but in this particular case we have learnt that serveless computing should be our first option when possible. The great cost savings, the minimization of the management effort and the improvement of the time to market of the developments have inclined us towards serverless computing.

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