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A recipe for success

Grupo Much Inc. is a Nicaraguan restaurant company with two brands Sushi Itto, dedicated to Japanese food, and Italianissimo, an Italian food chain.

Improved business agility and speed


  • Deliver a high Internet capacity
  • Create a robust communication system to improve business service efficiency and customer service.


  • Infointernet service provides dedicated high-speed Internet by fiber optic with service guaranteed and 24/7 tech support, enabling the business to operate more effectively.
  • Quality and engineering services mean traffic can be prioritized to improve transmission capacity.
  • Service continuity is guaranteed thanks to our international presence.


  • Company’s effectiveness improved due to service continuity and high capacity communication, which has increased communications between their franchises and enhanced customer relationships.

The company’s effectiveness has increased due to the delivery of service continuity and high capacity communications, which improves communication between the franchises and enhances the relationship with their customers. In addition, thanks to dedicated internet access, availability and quality of service are guaranteed.

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