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An always online business

SPIEGEL ONLINE news-portal is one of the largest online news magazines in Germany. Monthly hits of over 700 million page impressions, 15% are from outside Germany.

Page impressions 700 million
Traffic from outside Germany 15%

SPIEGEL ONLINE now benefits from greater availability and consistent levels of high quality service - giving customers access to all the information they want every time they need it. The flexible approach to execution means that SPIEGEL ONLINE can continue to drive growth, whilst maintaining service levels, and remain confident the infrastructure will support them.

Better service and room to grow

Business need

  • Managed Data Centre Services


  • Migration of a complex Managed Hosting Solution
  • Operation of application (CMS) and data centre
  • Storage and backup solution
  • 24x7 support for all services


  • Significant cost savings due to the outsourced data centre
  • High availability also during peak times

Outsourced Managed-Hosting solution delivering a consistent level of service and high availability

Due to the direct connection of the data centre to the largest German internet exchange DE-CIX in Frankfurt, and Telefónica Germany's owned backbone, availability of the new solution is assured during peak times. While outsourcing the data centre resulted in significant cost savings for SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Cloud Computing in 2020

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