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A global leader enhances centralisation and improves collaboration

Operations in more than 130 countries, has a workforce of approximately 152,000 employees and owns one of the world's largest shipping fleets.

Employees 4000
Countries 19

Delivering service to approximately 4000 employees around the world, supported by our central service solutions of Central Cost Manager, Ordering, Trouble Ticketing and SLA reporting. The three year contract includes service delivery in 19 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

Embracing new ways of communicating with customers, colleagues and suppliers


  • Standardisation of service delivery and experience
  • Homogeneous service management across countries
  • Global Framework Agreement and SLAs
  • Cost savings


  • Managed mobility in 19 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America
  • 3 year contract
  • Central management services


  • Managed mobility model and outsourced 'day-to-day' support operations
  • Greater visibility and cost efficiency
  • Global account team and central management

Unified services

One of the most important reasons for our selection was our capacity and scale for global implementation, as well as the strategic ability to deliver centralised services and contract management across the countries of most importance to their business. This contract is a robust and good example of the ability to work seamlessly with partners and also demonstrates a high degree of complicity and mutual commitment. The new solution has enabled the organisation to achieve cost savings and a reduction in transactional costs, as well as an improvement in collaboration and efficiency across their business, as everyone is now working from the same platform.

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