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All you can eat service provision

Norky’s is a Peruvian chain of chicken restaurants with more than 120 stores in different places and more than 300 employees


Stores 120
Advanced Services 130

Interconnected business estate


  • Stability in service provisioning.
  • Connect all branches nationwide in which they operate
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve security


  • >100 fixed services, between fixed lines and DUOs.
  • 130 Advanced Services (IPVPN ADSL)
  • ADSL technology delivering interconnection between different offices, asymmetric speed and one dedicated Infointernet service.
  • Infointernet’s service allows access to Internet through a dedicated line and free connection.
  • No service restrictions with the highest standards of quality and permanent availability.


  • A comprehensive service that guarantees their online presence.
  • Thanks to Advanced Services, business can reduce interconnection costs and share information in real time.
  • With Managed Security Services, the business has a single supplier managing the internet access and security, reducing cost.
  • 24x7 specialised support.

Continuous service development means the implementation in the future of Denwa Central to improve service levels, ISDN to deliver multiple communication channels, Office 365 to leverage automation and the digital journey and Managed Security for end-to-end peace of mind.

Technology trends for 2020

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