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An independent network infrastructure and high customer satisfaction

Immochan operate more than 300 shopping centres across 12 countries (China, Spain, Hungary, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan and Ukraine).

Data Centres 2
Countries connected 7

'Beyond the quality of project management, which was driven with flexibility and rigor, there was a huge difference regarding the approach of the management of quality of service compared to the traditional partners of the French market. The joint validation of indicators, their regular reviews and the setting up of short term action plans with measurable results were key differentiating elements which strengthened the trust we have towards Telefonica teams.' Alexis Jalley, IT Manager - IMMOCHAN IT Shared Services

We are better connected


      • Creation of an independent infrastructure WAN


  • MPLS network that links 2 data centres located in France to the main sites in Italy, Spain, Poland and Ukraine
  • 20MB access for Data Centres
  • 4MB access for remote on site


  • Better response time
  • Improved bandwidth
  • Flexibility in the addition of new services

A flexible solution

Given the fast moving nature of Immochan's business and the scale of their global operation they were looking for an immediate solution and a supplied capable of delivering the implementation of a flexible independent network infrastructure. They selected our MPLS WAN solution which meant linking two data centres located in the suburbs of Paris and Lille, France, to connect the main sites of Immochan located in Italy, Spain, Poland and Ukraine. Importantly, given the immediate nature of their requirements the service was delivered by the end of June 2011 and the majority of the sites were delivered ahead of the planned delivery date.

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