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Increase business efficiency whilst reducing costs

Hispamer is a Nicaraguan bookshops network which offers a wide variety of books, technological items, school supplies, office and crafts.

Speaking with one voice


  • Reduce communication costs
  • Improve response times due to service failures
  • Support growth in the number of employees
  • Ensure connectivity all estate to to the head office


  • E1 voice service, a dedicated digital phone service for business and enterprise
  • Delivers high-speed (2Mbps) to transmit data, voice and videoconference.
  • Up to 30 telephone channels each of 64 Kbps, providing up to 100 phone numbers free of charge
  • Unlimited calls between mobile and fixed E1 of the same account.


  • Communication costs decreased, as traditional telephone lines have a one-time charge with the E1 service, which includes thousands of minutes to call.
  • Faster response among management, departments, customers and national and international suppliers.
  • E1 service ensures no inbound calls missed even if one of the lines is busy, because the call can be accessed by any of the free channels, which improves the efficiency and quality of service.

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