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Ferresurtidores: A connected sales team on the move

Ferresurtidores a Venezuelan company in the metallurgical sector whose main activity is the commercial exploitation of all kinds of metals and plastics.

One connected team


  • Implement connectivity between two main offices to achieve higher security efficiency.
  • Install a service designed for two central offices to receive information from clients and online portal.
  • Allow better communication with suppliers 
  • Connect commercial teams on the move with back office systems.
  • Improve the productivity of commercial teams in the field.
  • Leverage cloud services to facilitate system migration.


  • Installation of a L2L and dedicated internet service between both branches.
  • PBX to support increased call demand
  • Tablets designed to accelerate billing process and view available inventory.
  • Virtual servers in the cloud provide a secure information backup.
  • Installation of a satellite tracking system to track fleet in real-time
  • Alarms to increase security when moving goods.
  • Cloud provisioning to liberate the operational estate and sustain corporate evolution.


  • Constant and secure communication of the company’s data.
  • More flexibility, efficiency and productivity in daily operations.
  • New digital tools that will facilitate and increase operative capacity.

Achievement of constant and secure communication of all the company’s data. Meaning Ferresurtidores is more flexible, efficient and productive in their daily operations, whilst delivering the development opportunity of digital tools that will facilitate and increase their operative capacity.

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