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Bringing electricity meter reading into the digital age

Spanish electricity company Endesa has been pioneering the use of intelligent networks to measure and control its utility tension meters

Telemetry and remote control points 18,000
Estimated growth up to 35,000

The World Machine platform (developed by Telefónica) used by Endesa currently consists of 18,000 telemetry and remote control points, and is estimated to grow to 35,000 points. Endesa is planning to extend this system to all of the Spanish territories where it's operating: Andalusia, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Aragon, as well as the northwest of Spain.

Customised solution for modern meter reading delivers significant benefits


  • Capturing live usage data
  • Logging meter events (to use for energy or water usage profiling, demand response or remote shutoff)
  • Relaying event alarms 


  • M2M (machine to machine) mobile platform, World Machine
  • Networks using GPRS, DSL and VSAT satellite communication
  • AMR (automated meter reading) and AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) measuring points and devices


  • Generated significant savings with predictable costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Regulatory requirements anticipated
  • Streamlined operations, redundant systems eliminated

Third-generation technology generates impressive results and draws widespread interest

In a relatively short time, Endesa has reaped the benefits of using World Machine in its advanced metering technology. These include:

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