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Secure and reliable communications protecting businesses

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme, one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and systems for security and communications, needed to guarantee communication for the delivery of security incident notifications. 

Connections 30,000
Customers 100,000
Sites 3,000

Telefónica’s Global SIM works reliably in any network in which it is incorporated. Network changes only occur when the network is no longer available and changes are not made for business reasons relating to the service supplier…Thanks to Telefónica Global SIM technology, we have a permanent communication connection, without having to constantly change networks.  For us, this is synonymous with having the highest availability and less data traffic”.

Gunnar Boeck, Product Manager of Bosch Sicherheitssysteme.

Securely connected alarms


  • Redundant system design using fixed and mobile networks.
  • Reliable connection for quick and accurate security incident notifications.
  • Mobile connections must be independent from home network, without being impacted by roaming costs.


  • 30,000 Global SIM cards in more than 3,000 sites.
  • Smart M2M management and analysis tool.
  • Smart M2M functions integrated into software through a standardised interface.
  • Highly skilled personal account manager delivering peace of mind.


  • Single supplier.
  • Secure protection of communication lines.
  • Connectivity across all available networks through national and international roaming.
  • Equal use of available networks and fewer network changes required.

Always connected delivering immediate security alerts

The reliability and stability of the Global SIM, in conjunction with the transparency of Smart M2M and IoT Connect adjusted pooling rates has enabled Bosch to meet their customers’ demand. Furthermore, increasing the reliability of alarm systems makes it possible for the notifications about intrusions or other incidents to reach the customer’s central office, the police or fire brigade immediately, in order to minimise the impact of the incidence.

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