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25,000 employees work hand in hand at 325 locations daily

Adecco, the largest human resources service provider in the world. Enables 700,000 employees and several hundred thousand corporate customers engage every day.

Employees connected 25,000
Locations 325

This solution guarantees constant data communication, while working within Adecco's own data security infrastructure. It can be adapted at any time, both efficiently and flexibly, to meet new customer requirements in terms of bandwidth (speed, QoS, etc.), security and the integration of new sites.

A secure, standardised system that saves money and can grow with the company


  • Connect 25,000 employees at 325 locations


  • A unified VPN based on MPLS technology
  • Active and redundant firewalls managed by Telefonica O2
  • Two-way authentication to allow mobile users to safely dial into the network


  • Ensures constant, secure data communication
  • More flexibility, efficiency and productivity
  • Investment in future-proof technology
  • Homogenous design, improved quality of service and ease of use

Putting everyone on the same line

The prime objective was to couple the two computer centres used by the various company offices while unifying different VPN services and technologies.

Webinar SDxCentral: SD-WAN in multinational environments

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