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“CSPs that have been successful on their digital journeys have done so by starting with a small scope and few agile and DevOps teams, but with strong support from the leadership. These transformations have strong elements of proactive talent, culture and leadership change. For example, CSPs already use AI to identify what new skills and competencies are required for the future. CSPs change the culture and people’s behavior through practical steps, realizing the broader competitive market.”

Gartner, CSP Digital Operating Model Transformation Primer for 2019

Gartner Mar 2019
  • Gartner
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“Telefónica is determined to show a commercial appetite for innovation and to establish a commercially differentiated business model. To do this, it is thinking right across its B2C and B2B services spectrum and has developed its thinking to always include both, in a way that is a bit ahead of other telcos.”

David Molony Mar 2019
  • Ovum
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“Telefónica has billed itself as a partner for enterprise digitalization, and there are some early signs that it is building billion-euro revenue lines in B2B services that just less than a decade ago barely existed in their current form. The final measure of any digitalization effort is in top-line growth of revenues in new services. We see significant progress in IoT, Security and Cloud, which in sum are now delivering billions to the business. This is a sign that Telefónica’s customers increasingly trust it to deliver transformational services.”

Evan Kirchheimer Mar 2019
  • Ovum
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“Cloud has become a default platform for digital transformation. The industry's major battleground in 2017 will be how, from where and at what price cloud transformation services are delivered to customers. CSPs are also seeing Cloud and connectivity as the foundations for the digital transformations their customers are undertaking. We have long believed there is a need for an innovative approach to delivering on-demand network services from the telco sector, in the same way that the hyper-scalers are delivering compute and storage resources.”

William Fellows Jan 2017
  • 451 Group
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“Ovum believes Telefónica is one of the few service providers that have faced forward when it comes to virtualizing, software-defining and automating its network to support new growth services. This internal transformation has an impact on its onward enterprise services, and its analytics capabilities through its LUCA division are an important resulting point of differentiation. The value of enterprise services lies in how a provider can improve or transform business process, or open up new revenue streams, for its customers. Its LUCA customers provide proof points of this progress”.

Evan Kirchheimer Mar 2019
  • Ovum

“By focusing their operations on things that customers value, CIOs in other industries can follow Telefónica’s steps and become digital innovators.”

Case Study: Telefónica Digitizes Its Operations In Service Of the Customer

Simplified And Automated Operations Drive Employee Engagement And Better Customer Experience

Forrester Jun 2017
  • Forrester